Pakistan Lowest Smartphone and Internet Usage in Emerging Nations

Mobile phone subscribers in Pakistan have crossed the figure of 130 Million but as compared to 24 other emerging nations, this figure is the lowest among them. PEW Research Center conducted a survey in 24 developing nations and these figures were revealed.

Among these 24 developing and emerging nations, Pakistan has lowest percentage of those people who own cell phone with only 53% people claiming that they possess a cell phone. This figure is very surprising as local surveys and statistics in Pakistan show that over 70% people in Pakistan possess cell phone.

Among these 53% people having cell phones, just 38% use it to send SMS and only 3% people access social media and networking websites. Another figure revealed by survey results show that 19% of these mobile phone users make use of their phone to shoot videos or snap photos.

It is worth mentioning that in all of the 24 nations included in this survey, the percentage of people who own mobile phones is well above 50%. China and Jordan lead the way with 95%, Russia at 94% and South Africa and Chile with 91% mobile owners’ density are the leaders.

A detailed table including country names and their positions along with different statistics is given below.

PEW Research Result 1

Smartphones are available in Pakistani markets at very affordable prices but despite that smartphone ownership in Pakistan is around 3%. Cellular operators must be concerned about this figure but as a matter of fact, since there was no 3G and 4G internet available in Pakistan, smartphone market was not attracting many new customers. After the auction of 3G and 4G in Pakistan in April 2014, this segment must rise.

The following table shows cell phone, smartphone and internet access in different countries included in the survey.

PEW Research Result 2

Results of the survey indicate another dimension where Pakistan is considered at the lowest level i.e. percentage of internet users in Pakistan. There are hardly 7-8% internet users in Pakistan. The following graph shows percentage of internet users in 24 nations with Pakistan at the bottom.

PEW Research Result 3

The survey also linked GDP per capita to the internet users. Countries with higher per capita income have higher users of internet. In this survey Chile, Russia and Argentina had highest per capita income and thus have the highest internet user rates. Pakistan and Uganda are again lowest in the ranking as nine out of ten people never go online.

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