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Peshawar Resident Naseer Ahmad Killed 100,000 Mice

Written by Umar Farooq
(Last Updated On: 18/04/2014)

Naseer Ahmad is the resident of Peshawar and he has achieved the target of killing 100,000 mice in almost 2 and half years duration. He expressed his determination and said that if the government cooperates with him, he can clean the whole city of Peshawar from mice.

Talking to media in Press Club Peshawar, Naseer Ahmad said that his three daughters including 10 years old Amna and twins of age seven Omna Naseer and Huma Naseer, helped him when he started mice killing campaign couple of years ago.

Their campaign covered different areas in Peshawar like Din Bahar Colony, Eid Gah Colony, Haji Abad, Mirch Mandi, Saeed Abad No.1 and 2, Ashraf Road and some other areas. He said that 1 mouse can give birth to around 2 dozen babies and due to that the number of mice increases with every passing day. If a mouse bites a person, it costs him five to six thousand Rupees on the treatment and if proper treatment is not provided, the person can experience even death.

He also said that his three daughters accompany him in this campaign and they also do plantation along with killing the mice. This year they have already planted 216 new plants. They appealed the government to cooperate with them so that they can clean the whole city of Peshawar from the mice.

Mice are a major problem in every big city of Pakistan and this act is really appreciable. Mice cause a lot of problem in every house in the cities and make the environment of a house very unhygienic. It would really be great if the government provide assistance to people like Naseer in order to clean the city of Peshawar from mice.

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