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Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif Latest Address to Nation

(Last Updated On: 13/08/2014)

Keeping in view the sensitivity of the time, it was expected that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif will address the nation today or tomorrow, Prime Minster thought that today will be a good day to address the nation. Prime Minister speech was scheduled on 8 PM today but it started at 8:30 PM. It was the immense pressure of PTI that forced him to address the nation and try to take nation in confidence.

So at 8:30 PM, PM started his speech in which at first he tried to explain how well his party is doing and what measures they have taken so far to make this country a better place to live. After that Nawaz Sharif started criticizing PTI and Tahir ul Qadri and said that they are trying to derail democracy. Prime Minister said that he won’t let “Pakistan to become a jungle where only might has right”.

He further suggested and requested chief justice of Pakistan to make a committee of 3 member senior judges and suggested it would be much better if Chief Justice himself is part of that committee. He said that this committee should investigate whether the elections held in 2013 very crystal clear or not. It was obvious of Nawaz Sharif, and hats off to Imran Khan for making him do that. Nawaz Sharif came up to the terms of Imran Khan but a bit late.

In the end Nawaz Sharif asked nation that do they still think that there is any need of Strike or March on 14th August. It was very clear that Mr. Prime Minister was worried about Azadi March of Imran Khan. It’s worth mentioning here that the speech of Prime Minster was not live and was edited. After the speech Mubashir Luqman took out lots of mistakes in speech that prime minister in his program “Khara Sach”.



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