PTCL Introduced Its Fastest Internet Offer of its History

Written by Noor
(Last Updated On: 09/06/2014)

The introduction of 3G and 4G has not only increased competition among cellular companies  but have create problems for PTCL as well because now high speed internet will be available at cell phones and that would definitely decrease the consumers of PTCL. Reason behind it is very logical and that is when one would get high speed internet on cell phone or in other word in his/her hands than he would prefer it over landline because everybody knows that Ptcl landline internet is always down.

It’s need time for PTCL to come up with some good and economical packages and that’s what PTCL has done. PTCL has come up with its fastest internet speed and that is 8Mbps. Yeah it’s true, now PTCL users can experience high speed internet on their laptops and cell phones by subscribing the service at Rs. 2999/- per month.  Indeed a very positive step by PTCL to retain its 1.2 million users.  Well right now PTCL broad band is the most successful high speed internet provider.

It has started its “DSL” digital subscriber line services back in year 2007 and since then PTCL is getting famous but since few months consumers are experiencing some problems in using internet services due to errors in line. High speed internet of 8Mbps offered by Ptcl is indeed a good step but yet it’s not economical and many are of the opinion that the price of the package should be reduced to Rs. 2000/- per month.

It would be now a very tough task for PTCL broad band to compete with telecommunication companies after introduction of 3G and 4G. To survive PTCL have to come up with some extra ordinary economical packages or should introduce its USB internet devices. Lets see how Ptcl competes with cellular services.


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  • Thanks for sharing such kind of information but this package is available in down cities. How we get these packages in side areas like in Gilgit.

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