Results of Round of 16 World Cup Knock Out Stage Day 1

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(Last Updated On: 29/06/2014)

Whole world is going through football fever nowadays and everybody is talking about football whether its offices, schools, colleges, universities, banks or markets. Everybody is discussing who played well, who scored outstanding goals, where the refree was unfair, where keeper did the mistake, where luck favoured their team or where luck went away. Why it shouldn’t be happening? Football world cup has reached its killing stages where one team have to go home other team gets more closer to the glory. The day 1 of knock out stages started off with 2 matches and those were Brasil against Chille and 2nd match of the day was Uraguay versus Columbia.

Brazil Vs Chille: Well the first match was a great competition and was full of entertainment as both the teams were up on each other and were making chances after chances. In 18th minute David Luiz scored for Brazil due his knee on corner from Thiago Silva. Chille came back and scored the equalizer in 32nd minute of the match and then both the teams tried to take lead till 120th minute of the extra time but failed. The match decided on penlaties and Brazil went through by winning 3-2 on penalties. Uruaguay Vs Colombia: 2nd match of the night was Uruguay Vs Colombia the match went pretty much one sided as Colombia was playing some outstanding football.

The star of the night was James, as he scored twice in the match and one can say it was James vs Uruguay. His first goal can be designated as the goal of the world cup as he socred it in a magnificient way first he took ball on his chest and made it volley and then shot it from about 5 yards out of D and scored a stunning one in 28th minute of the game. James socred the second one 50th minute to take Colombia to Quater finals of the world cup. After the game James said ” Its not easy doing what i have done”. Winners of these two matches that is Brazil and Colombia will face each other in Quater final and what a match that would be.

Today 2 matches will be played in world cup knock out stage those are Netherland Vs Maxico at 2100 hours 29th June and Costa Rica versus Grecce at 1 am 30th June according to PST.

Results of Round of 16 World Cup Knock Out Stage

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