Sara Loren Go Back to Her Previous Name Mona Lizza

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(Last Updated On: 01/06/2014)

The bold and beautiful Sara Loren has once again decided to change her name. Strange but true, Sara Loren the diva of Pakistan industry has decided to go back to her previous name Mona Lizza. The lovely actress changed her name from Mona Lizza to Sara Loren in search of fame. It seems strange but yes our lovely actress is a bit superstitious. When she changed her name last year she gave explanation that she haven’t got the fame that she deserved and due to her name and she needed a name that should make luck for her.


Mona Lizza in Murder 3

Mona Lizza in Murder 3

When she moved to India and was about to start working in Murder 3, she made her name from Mona Lizza to Sara Loren and was expecting that change of name will bring a huge change in her life. Now as she has observed no change she has decided to again be called Mona Lizza. The attractive actress also gave another reason for changing her name from Mona Lizza to Sara Loren that when you type Mona Lizza on internet many Mona Lizza’s comes up so to be unique she changed her name to Sara Loren.

But now as she got bored of her name she again wants to be called Mona Lizza. The lady with extraordinary skills believe that she is born star and also relates a story with it. The story is that she made it to the front page of the new paper in Qatar when she was born. Her photo came on first page because her mother gave birth to her on a couch in a hospital of Qatar and that became story of newspaper very next day.

Sara Loren or Mona Liza

Sara Loren or Mona Liza

Well our advice to Mona Lizza is that luck comes by hard work not by name and if it was the case everybody would have changed and would have got all the fame. Shahrukh, Amitabh, Nadeem, Amir Khan didn’t change their names to get fame they worked hard and got all the fame. Best of luck lovely lady with your previous name.

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