Top 10 Best Places to Visit in Pakistan

Pakistan has some of the most beautiful places in the whole world. Northern areas of Pakistan and Kashmir region are full of such areas and these are famous all over the world for natural beauty. There are sky high mountains, lush green valleys, beautiful and mighty rivers, amazingly beautiful lakes and unique wildlife in these areas. “Neelam Valley” is called paradise on earth, “Swat Valley” is called mini Switzerland and not to forget “Hunza Valley” with a range of lush green mountains. All these places are known all over the world for their magnificent natural beauty. Below is a list of most beautiful natural places of Pakistan that you will not find anywhere else in the whole world.

Below is the Top 10 List of Best Natural Places to Visit in Pakistan

1. Neelam Valley

Neelam Valley is situated in the North East of the capital of Azad Kashmir i.e. Muzaffarabad. It is 144 KM long and bow-shaped. This valley runs through the lesser Himalaya and Neelam River presents some amazing scenic beauty, panoramic views and presence of hills on both sides of the Neelam river having lush green forests, beautiful enchanting streams make this valley just like a part of a dream.

For the past many years Neelam Valley has been a very attractive place for tourists due to its infamous lush green places, natural streams, lakes and springs and its mountains, slopes and hills. Athmuqam, Kutton Jagran, Karen, Neelum, Ratti Galli, Baboon, Noori top, Sharda, Sharda Fort, Sharda University which is the oldest University in the whole sub-continent, Kel, Surgon, Halmet, Taobut and many more beautiful places in the valley make it one of the top most beautiful places in whole of Pakistan.

2. Hunza Valley

It is a mountainous valley in Gilgit-Baltistan province of Pakistan. Formerly it was a princely state that is situated north/west of the Hunza River. It is situated at an elevation of 2500 meters approximatedly. The valley has Upper Hunza (Gojal; Center Hunza and Lower Hunza regions.

The valley offers many beautiful places to visit like Rakaposhi Base Camp, Diran Base Camp, Hoper Glacier, Passue and Gulmit, Khunjrab Pass, Atta Abad lake and Nagar Valley. All of these places are natural beauties of nature.

3. Swat Valley

This valley is an administrative district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province of Pakistan. This valley is situated above River Swat that originates from Hindu Kush range. This valley is called Mini Switzerland of Pakistan. It has so many attractive naturally beautiful places to visit such as Mahodand lake and valley, Ushu valley and Ushu Forest, Malam Jabba, Madyan, Kalam Valley, Buner, Dir and lots of other naturally beautiful sites.

4. Kailash Velley

This valley attracts many tourists all across Pakistan as well as from foreign. It is in Chitral District of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pakistan. It has a controversial historic background. Kailash is famous because it is a very old Greek civilization and people of this place are called Kailash and the valley is also named after it. They have their own religion and culture and people travel all the way to watch their culture as it is very unique and nowhere to be found. Villages are built for living purposes by the people mainly along the hillsides. Rivers and streams are all over the place. Construction mainly consists of logs with no definite shape. People belonging to Kailash are cheerful busy in celebrating their yearly festivals throughout the year. Uchal Festival, Phoo Festival and Chomos Festivals are the events that attract a huge amount of visitors.

5. Kaghan Valley

Kaghan valley is one of the very beautiful valleys situated in North-East of district Mansehra and it does attract loads of tourists from Pakistan as well as internationally. It lay in lower Himalayan mountainous range. It is very famous for its splendid natural beauty and that is the reason for it being attraction for tourists. Famous places to visit in Kaghan valley include Shogran, Jared, Naran, Saif ul Malook lake, Dudipat Sar Lake, Lulu Sar Lake, Babusar Pass etc.

 6. Murree Hills

It is summer hill station and it is a subdivision of Rawalpindi district. In British Raj times, it was the summer resort of the British in Punjab province. People all over Pakistan visit it in summer as well as in winter to enjoy the magic of snowfall. Patriata and Bhurban are major tourist centers in Murree. Galliat also attracts tourists from all over Pakistan and from foreign countries as well, due to the fascinating greenery and scenic beauty. Other picnic spots in Murree include Danga Gali, Muskpuri Hill, Nathia Gali and Bara Gali. Mall road of Murree is also a popular place.

7. Shandur Pass

Shandur is the highest Polo ground on planet. It is almost 3738 meters high from sea level. It is situated midway between Gilgit and Chitral. Shandur Polo festival is arranged every year and it attracts tourists from all over Pakistan and from foreign as well. During winter, this place is unpopulated because the passing to it is covered in snow and difficult to travel during snowfall season. Polo ground is 168 KM away from Chitral and can be accessed via jeeps only.

8. Rawalkot

Rawalkot is situated in Poonch division of Azad Kashmir and acts as a district headquarter. It is a very beautiful valley surrounded all over by hills. It is situated at 80 KM distance from Islamabad and Rawalpindi. It is a summer visiting point because its winter is hard, cold and chilly. Major places that attracts visitors are Banjosa, Toli Pir, Poonch River, Tatta Pani, Banjosoa Lake and Sudhngalli.

9. Ziarat

it is situated in Balochistan province of Pakistan. It is very famous holiday resort in Balochistan and every trip from Karachi to Quetta stops here. Chief commissioner of Balochistan and sanatorium for European troops at Quetta used Ziarat as summer residence. Water of this place is very good and health. Hills are well wooded and picturesque. It also acted as last resting place of Quaid e Azam during his illness before death.

10. Jehlum Valley

it is situated in Azad Kashmir and it is heavily visited by both national and international tourists. Main attraction is the curly River Jehlum that passes through East and West between high and green mountains of Jehlum valley. Leepa valley is very famous among visitors. One of the loveliest valley of Azad Kashmir and it is full of lush green rice fields in summer. Beautiful wooden houses add real beauty to it. Apple, Cherry, Walnut and honey of Leepa valley are world famous and are always in high demand. Famous places to visit include, Chakothi, Ghari Dopatta, Chokothi Cham fall and lake Zilzaal.


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