TV Actress Sana Khan Died in Traffic Accident

(Last Updated On: 07/03/2014)

Pakistani TV actress Sana Khan has died in a road accident while she was travelling from provincial capital of Sindh, Karachi to Hyderabad. She was accompanied by her husband. During the travel their car got accident and she died while her husband Babar Khan has been severely injured.

Sana Khan and Babar Khan got married recently. After the incident, dead body of Sana Khan and her severely injured husband have been transferred to the hospital.

According to the medical staff in the hospital, Babar Kahn is critical at the moment and has received life threatening injuries on his head.

Sana Khan and Babar Khan Marriage Sana Khan Passed Away

The news has been received by people throughout Pakistan as tragic and quite shocking. People all across the country feel sorry for the newly wedded couple as both of them got married in December 2013. Both of them acted in different TV serials as well.

The media reports said that their car overturned near Jamshoro and rescue teams arrived at the scene as quickly as possible and took the couple to the hospital where Sana Khan was pronounced dead while Babar Khan is being currently treated.

It is really hard to imagine what the family of Sana Khan and Babar Khan are going through right now but the only thing anyone could do is to extend condolences towards the grieved families.

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