USAID Wind Turbines Will Add Electricity to National Grid in Pakistan

Written by Umar Farooq
(Last Updated On: 25/02/2014)

USAID, General Electric (GE) and OPIC will help Pakistan to overcome the energy shortcomings by initiating wind power projects in Pakistan.

Thomas E. Williams who is the Deputy Chief of Mission of the US Embassy has confirmed that US government is committed to help Pakistan to overcome the energy shortage. He said this in a meeting with General Electric, government of Pakistan officials and businessmen. Vice Chairman of GE’s board Mr. John Rice was also present at this occasion. Thomas E. Williams said that

These wind projects are a positive example of a public-private partnership in the important field of renewable energy. The US overseas private investment corporation (OPIC), a US government development bank, is in the process of negotiating long-term, low interest financing with Sapphire Wind Power Company Ltd and has four other wind projects in various stages of financial review.

By initiating wind energy generation projects, it is expected that 1750 megawatt clean and renewable energy will be added to national grid by the end of the year 2015.

GE will provide turbines for all these projects and five US financed projects will add about 250 megawatts electricity to Pakistan National Grid. US Agency for International Development will provide assistance in order to upgrade the transmission lines. This will benefit all 25 wind turbine electricity generation projects that are in pipeline.

The major targeted area for this project is Sindh Wind corridor and GE will be the main supplier of turbines for the project. General Electric delegation members expressed the view that they were positive about Pakistani government to partner with GE and will approve the projects.


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