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Valentine’s Day in Peshawar University Leaves 3 Students Wounded

Written by Umar Farooq
(Last Updated On: 14/02/2014)

Valentine’s Day was being celebrated by a group of students with red balloons and cake while the second group had been observing “Haya Day” while referring the day un-Islamic.

Students of Pakhtun Students Federation and Jamat-e-Islami threw stones at each other. The scuffle escalated to gunshots being fired by both parties and finally resulted in three rooms being set on fire in the students’ hostel of Peshawar University.

Local Police official Fazl ur Rehman told media sources that situation was under control in Peshawar University now and three students were confirmed wounded in the clash. He also told that Police was searching for the students who were involved in the incident and would arrest them soon. According to police, one student was hit with a gunshot to his head.

This is not first act of violence in Peshawar University as it is a hub of Student’s Federations of all major political parties of Pakistan.

Valentine’s Day is popular among younger generation of Pakistan and many of them celebrate the day by exchanging cards, chocolates and other gifts with their sweethearts. Pakistan is a deeply traditional Muslim society, where many would disapprove Valentine’s Day as Western culture and often result in such incidents.

Peshawar is one of the cities that are situated along with the tribal belt and it is deeply conservative and most of the women wear veils in public and very few girls are allowed to go out alone. Extremists also exert a lot of influence over Peshawar. In the Past several years, Peshawar has been hit very badly by Terrorism as compared to rest of Pakistan.

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