Waqar Zaka Announced to Start Living On the Edge New Season in PTI Dharna

Written by Umar Farooq
(Last Updated On: 11/09/2014)

Living on the Edge is one of the most popular reality shows on Pakistani TV and its host Waqar Zaka has announced that new season of this reality show will be started in PTI Dharna at D-Chowk Islamabad.

The announcement was made by Waqar Zaka himself in a video blog while PTI Chief Imran Khan was also present there requesting every daring person to reach Islamabad at Dharna place.


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Dharna of PTI is approaching its first month in a few days and many superstars of television showed up Islamabad Dharna. Many superstars who could not reach Islamabad were seen at the protests of PTI in Lahore and Karachi.

Asad Umar and Mani PTI Dharna Chacha Cricket PTI Dharna Hamza and Waqar Zaka PTI Dharna Hamza PTI Dharna

Famous sportsmen like Wasim Akram and Javed Miandad has also said that they support PTI for what they are doing to bring a positive change in Pakistan.

It is a good sign that people like Waqar Zaka are coming forward and practically doing something to get Dharna at Islamabad get going. The reality show has been very popular among people throughout Pakistan and while some people heavily criticized the show yet the fans never stop to come to participate in the reality show.

It is expected that a huge number of audition-participants will turn out at PTI Dharna Islamabad in order to participate in the program and will result in mass crowd at PTI Dharna which will be a welcome sign for the Dharna participants who have been sitting there for around a month or so.

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