Warid Hiring Telecom’s Industry Best People for Key Positions

Written by Umar Farooq
(Last Updated On: 28/08/2014)

Warid was thought to be out of the business after it did not participate in 3G/4G auction. Then they surprised everyone with their extremely clever by announcing that they will be using 4G LTE license which they already had.

Recent announcements further surprised people as they told that an investment plan of over 400 million US dollars is on the way. They said that this money will help them to remain in the race with competitors in order to provide them enhanced and improved data services to their customers.

Now Warid Telecom has once again surprised everyone by hiring notable names from Pakistani telecom industry. No one is ready to believe that a few months ago this company was up for sale.

Mr. Sarmad Malik from Mobilink is first one on the list. He is the best known person in the north region and he has joined Warid Telecom as Regional Commercial Director (North region).

Mr. Faisal Khan Sadozai is the person who is responsible for launching EasyPaisa services in Pakistan. Faisal Khan will look after Warid’s Mobile Paisa and he also launched this product last month in Lahore.

Mr. Asim Ali is the person who worked for PTCL and has launched EVO products for PTCL. Lately he launched Group VP (Products and Services) at Virgin Mobile Middle East and Africa. He has joined Warid Telecom as Director Pricing and Segments. Asim Ali was leading the launch, branding and product development for EVO. In PTCL he was working as EVP wireless business. Looking at his past, he has worked in Mobilink as well as Director Strategy and Business Development.

Talib Hafesjee is another big name who is known for his outstanding work while working with Telenor Pakistan and he also has joined Warid Telecom as Regional Commercial Director South Region.

Nayab Baig is best known person in HR department when it comes to Telecom industry. He joined Warid Telecom a couple of months ago. He is considered to be the chief architecht who designed the human capital in Telenor Pakistan. For over six years he worked in Telenor as VP HCD.

Warid is now proving itself a top competitor and it seems that competing companies have invested half a billion Dollars just to get the license and Warid is all set to launch 4G network already.

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