Woman Arrested for Burning Quran in Multan

In Multan a woman on ‘Jangi Shaheed Mazar’ that is situated on Basti Malook Dunya Pur Road has burnt Quran along with some other items related to Jangi Shaheed Mazar.

She kept them on the road and turned fire to them and she laid with it. People came and saved the whole Quran from being burnt. A huge crowd of people beat the woman and then handed her over to the police. The crowd started to protest at this point.

Jangi Shaheed Mazar is a very famous place in Multan and everyday visitors and believers visit this Mazar. Due to Thursday a huge number of people were already present there when this incident took place.

The local police stated that the woman has been arrested but she is not mentally alright. According to the investigation officer of Jala Arayan Police station Sabir Shah, name of the woman is Safia Bibi and she is a resident of Deepal Pur Road District Okara and she is mentally unstable. She has been wandering around the shrine for quite some time now. She has done this condemnable act only because she is mentally unstable.

Police still arrested the woman and for disrespecting the sanctity of Holy Quran, an FIR has been registered against her name under the act 295B. Moreover higher officials of Police and Management at this stage talked to the protestants to cool them down and they were dispersed after that. The woman has been sent to Tehsil Hospital for a complete medical checkup.

Umar Farooq
Umar Farooq

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