Youth Internship Program 2014 Will Be Launched Soon

(Last Updated On: 07/02/2014)

Prime Minister’s Youth Internship Program 2014 will be launched soon. Maryam Nawaz Sharif who is the chairperson of the Prime Minister’s Youth Program chaired two meetings related to Youth Internship Program 2014 and Skill Development Program in Islamabad.

She stressed that the Youth Internship Program should be fault free this time and in order to make this program more fruitful than ever, it was decided that the Skill Development Program should be launched on 20th of February 2014.

Maryam Nawaz Sharif said that the Government is trying to make sure that Youth Internship Program could be launched formally as soon as possible and that is the reason, a clear time line should be identified as well as its implementation should be make sure.

She further directed that in order to make both of these schemes a big success, the mutual cooperation between Public and Private sector organisations was very necessary and should be exploited to their maximum potential.

Youth Internship Program and Skill Development Program are not the only ones running in the country. A few days ago Chief Minister Punjab Shahbaz Sharif announced Punjab Youth Internship Program 2013-14 (PYIP 2013-14). PYIP 2013-14 focuses on benefiting 20,000 freshly graduated young people throughout Punjab. They will not only benefit from the professional experience in different organisations but in addition will be getting a monthly stipend for the duration of PYIP 2013-14.


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