Asad Rauf Conquers the Spot Fixing Allegations

Asad Rauf is a well-known Pakistani umpire who has been representing Pakistan for quite some years now in international cricket.

Almost two years ago, he was alleged of spot fixing in IPL (Indian Premiere League) along with three other Indian cricketers. The good news is that the anti-corruption unit of International Cricket Council has stopped the investigation because of the absence of proof.

Asad Rauf was stopped from working as an umpire when the allegations were made back in 2013 version of Champions Trophy and his case was submitted to anti-corruption unit of International Cricket Council.

According to media reports, the head of ICC anti-corruption unit met with Asad Rauf in United Arab Emirates and Asad Rauf was investigated for the spot fixing but when no proof was found against him, the investigation was stopped and the case was closed.

When Asad Rauf was asked about the matter, he confirmed that no case and investigation are being pursued against him at the moment. Moreover when the anti-corruption unit was contacted, they revealed that it is the internal matter of Indian Cricket Board and if they take some action regarding the issue, it will be their choice.

Aleem Dar and Asad Rauf are the only two umpires in business for Pakistan for quite some time now and it was really bad that one of the few umpires Pakistan ever produced are taken out of the business. It is great to know that Asad Rauf will do umpiring once again.

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Umar Farooq

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