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Best Innovation Awards (BITA) 2015

(Last Updated On: 02/09/2015)

As a domestic level competition, Best Innovation Awards (BITA) recognizes and stimulates fresh suggestions and developments in IT. It’s a contest arranged below the coverage of Frontiers of information Technology (FIT) meeting (planned for December) that works as a program for talking about applications and effects of latest technology related to Pakistan’s requirements. The future BITA 2015 now promotes the thinkers and creators among you to bring your suggestions and perhaps obtain rewarded for them.

BITA encourages students and specialists linked to the industry so long as they are Pakistani people or usually are servicing Pakistan at that time. Any kind of product/project that definitely keeps an award from any other company or formerly shown at BITA will never be qualified. Although, BITA financed goods and tasks aren’t stored from looking for awards and honors on other programs.

The two main award classes organized for BITA 2015: Industry and Academia.

The previous recognizes such specialists from the industry who have considerably resulted in the growth of IT using their services during the past Twelve months. The share must be so important that it must have an effect on the local industry or worldwide analysis.

Academia class accounts for contributions of students towards the development and growth of IT. It is suitable of scholars who have a talent for sighting IT issues as options to allow them to study and also produce ways in order to help those close to them. And also being either a Pakistani national or presently serving Pakistan, contributors of each classes should have strong evidence of idea.

Winners can win PKR 1,000,000 in every class.

Suggestions should be posted absolutely no after September 21, 2015. The announcements of winners will then occur on November 15, 2015. Lastly, the demonstration and last assessment of the suggestion will be placed from December 14, 2015 to December 16, 2015 at FIT 2015.

Application forms and assessment requirements can be found at BITA website http://bita.fit.edu.pk/proposal-submission/.


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