Bigg boss 8 Most Searched and Popular TV program of 2014 in Pakistan


Bigg Boss has honor to be among of 8 most searched and popular TV program of 2014. It is most popular television reality base show that broadcast on Indian channel. It has same idea as Big Brother TV show has. That was produced in the Netherlands, Bigg Boss has completed its 8 Seasons successfully. It is presented by Salman Khan who is the popular Indian actor. Season 4, 5 and 7 got more fame as compare to other seasons. It is seasonal show which is presented in winter season and has approximately duration of 5 to 6 months.
In every season approximately ten contestants are selected. Members are compelled to live in one house and are restricted to follow hard tough rules given by Bigg Boss. All members nominate two members in a week. When they are nominated then final decision is taken by Public. Finally he will be nominated who gets minimum votes by public. So in each season only two or three members become successful to sustain in house till end. By public voting only one member becomes a winner. He is rewarded with the great amount of money and many other presents.Bigg-Boss-8-salman
The house of the BiggBoss is built annually for every season. Some time it has unforeseen suspects as well. It is quite different from a typical house. It is designed furnished beautifully and decorated very well. It includes a garden, pool and two bedrooms and four toilet bath rooms gym but structure of house vary for every season .Every house must has special kind of room where the members are called by Bigg Boss for conversation or for assigning tasks. It is quite interesting to watch this reality base show because it does not has any written script that is why people like it most. Due to this great incredible popularity it is among the 8 most searched and popular TV program of 2014.


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