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Bride and Groom Cast Votes in NA-122 & NA-144

bride casting vote NA-144

NA-122 is not the only constituency that is having by-elections today but NA-144 is also having by-elections. Hype has taken over the people of Lahore and Okara.

Amir Khan today on his marriage day has stopped by and casted his vote before going to receive his bride. He along with his family members in the car made ready for his baraat casted vote and they said that just like the change is taking place in his life, he wants a change in his constituency as well by voting PTI in NA-122.

Similarly in Okara NA-144, just before her baraat, Chandni came to poll her vote for PTI as she said that her rukhsati is soon but vote is too important. She said that she had already decided that she will cast her vote at any cost and Ashraf Sohna (candidate of PTI) has done loads of work in this area and it is now our moral duty to vote for him in return for his services.

NA-144: Bride and Groom in Okara polling station

PTI has awakened the political understanding and awareness in the country and youth mostly support PTI. They know the importance of their vote and are willing to walk an extra mile to get the right thing done. Turnout of voters is quite low at the moment but it is expected to pick up in the afternoon and near closing time.

Some other scenes posted on Twitter captured via camera are also shared below as #Ballypethappa is the top trend on Twitter right now.


Umar Farooq
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