Donations to Shaukat Khanum Peshawar via SMS banned by PTA

Shaukat Khanum hospital Peshawar is under construction and its management started a campaign recently to collect donations for the completion of the undergoing project. The purpose behind collecting donations is to help with the establishment costs.

SMS service was established in order to help the purpose but now it has been banned by PTA. No reason has been provided by PTA for this step.

It was really easy for the public to donate 20 Rupees to the charity project. They just had to send a blank SMS to 7770 and it was done. At the moment the message cannot be sent as “Message Not Sent” error is displayed when anyone tries to donate via SMS.

Imran Khan appeared on TV channel ARY in order to collect donations for Peshawar branch of Shaukat Khanum hospital. This branch is supposed to be operational by the end of 2015. The telethon was able to collect over 65 crore Rupees in only three hours.

Imran Khan has responded to the issue and has said that PTA instead of banning charities like these should be facilitating them.

PTA Bans SMS Service For Donations to Shaukat… by zemtv

Overall this step by PTA is strange as Shaukat Khanum has been established for quite a long time now and its transparency and credibility is well-known. They should not make an issue out of nothing and let the people send donations to this charity.

Umar Farooq

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