Google Live Traffic Now Available in Pakistan

Written by Abdul Hadi
(Last Updated On: 21/11/2015)

Now the Pakistanis can utilize the live traffic data on Google maps. The Google Maps will display the traffic conditions in real time on main roads and highways in Pakistan. According to initial information, this service is being enjoyed by the users in Lahore and Islamabad. The map in two cities indicating route in green color for normal traffic and red for slowest traffic.

Google Traffic is one of the best services by Google for the passengers and travelers that enables them to know about the traffic situation on a particular road or highway. Google Live Traffic displays the traffic situation into four colors – green is for the normal speed of traffic; yellow for slower traffic situation; red for slowest speeds and gray for showing non-availability of data.

It will also assist the drivers in displaying the traffic in a particular area as well. Moreover, it will also let the users view the traffic according to time and area. Google Live Traffic can also be used for knowing about other traffic incidents including construction, accidents, and road closures.

The image shown below showing the traffic situation from Lahore to Islamabad.


How to use Google Live Traffic?

Open the Google Maps and select the Traffic in the Menu option

Google Live Traffic can also be checked through using Google Map’s directions feature. If you want to check this option on the website then navigate to At top upper left corner click on the menu and select the traffic and then provide your start and ending point as usual. It will display the overall traffic situation in the areas provided by you. For convince of the users, live traffic option and typical traffic option will be displayed at the bottom.


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