Government Blocks Political Discussion Forum ‘Siasat.pk’: Sources

(Last Updated On: 11/09/2015)

According to sources Siasat.pk – a most popular political forum – has been shut down on the order of Government of Pakistan. In a series of tweets by the Siasat.pk and some popular newspapers, there are rumors that the platform has been closed on the order of government. However, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has totally negate the statements made by Siasat.pk and other news site that government has not shutdown the Siasat.pk forum, instead there is some technological problem with the server of site.

Tweets by Siasat.pk


PTA official Khurram Mehran said, “No such action has been taken by the PTA.”

Siasat.pk is now available at Siasat.net

The claim was first made by the Siasat.pk that claimed that the forum has been shut down by the federal government and that they were never warned or contacted regarding anything. However, the forum then moved to Siasat.net and is working as per routine.18821_10152722060081766_6636246281866288089_n

“I will not get into the details due to security reasons. It just made me realize how vulnerable .pk domains are. Therefore as a backup, I have these domains,” Adeel said.

The global ranking of Siasat.pk is 5,514 while it is at 98 position in Pakistan. Most of its visitors are from Pakistan (62.6%), Saudi Arabia (7.7%), U.K (4.9%), Ireland (4.6%), and USA (4.1%).123


Siasat.pk is the platform of latest TV and talk shows, however, it is most popular for its forum where user can share their point of view on any political issue. There is also a point of view that this forum has no neutrality in a sense that except Imran Khan (PTI) and some religious leaders and organisations, this forum openly critcised every political leader and religious organisations.

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