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Haier is going to create 150,000 laptop computers in Pakistan

font-b-Haier-b-font-font-b-haier-b-font-font-b-laptop-b-fontHaier, a well-known name in the field of house appliances, has recently joined the race of producing smartphones and also laptops. At this time, news is arising that Haier is going to create 150,000 laptop computers that too in their own manufacturing system in Pakistan.

Back in April, Haier introduced their own line of smartphones under the umbrella of a Pakistani group called Ruba Sez. Together with the launch, they declared that they will be starting their own production system in Lahore which was going to make smartphones and also laptops as well. The test run of 1000 laptops was completed successfully. After that, Haier has declared that they will be producing 150,000 more laptops by the year 2016 end.

You all must be well aware of the fact that the PM Laptop Plan also gave away Haier laptops to college students this year. The contract for phase 2 of the scheme has also been granted to Haier. Furthermore, Haeir’s yearly demand of laptops is approximated at 300,000 models at the moment and this is expected to grow. A local manufacturing unit can keep up with the increasing requirement. Not only this, it can help make a hub of tech informed and also highly trained people, supplying Pakistan self-sufficiency in producing high-end items.

Haier is really a pioneering brand in starting a local manufacturing unit in Pakistan. This is also an evidence of the fact that China is willing to assist Pakistan ride the road to technological development. If this project continues to be successful as well as attracts the Pakistani customers, who knows we may 1 day have a bigger brand name setting up their system in Pakistan.


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