HEC Declared Dual degree Program of Comsats Useless

Comsats Institute of Information Technology’s (CIIT) dual degree which it was giving in collaboration with Lancaster University of Uk has been considered useless by the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan.

The declaration was made during a briefing on Wed by HEC Chairman Dr Mukhtar Ahmed to the Public Accounts Committee (PAC). He stated CIIT had been charging millions of rupees from its students for the twin degree in MS which is useless.

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Dr. Ahmed stated that the HEC had not been consulted when Comsats made a decision to provide the program under question in 2010. The HEC had been only up to date later in 2013 that the institute was providing this type of program and was demanding £2,000 per student.

In addition to the HEC, UK’s education council didn’t recognize CIIT degree. In addition, it’s found out that Lancaster University awarded MS degrees after 5 years of study while CIIT was providing the degree effectively after only 4 years of study, Dr. Ahmed described.

It’s found out by the HEC that Comsat’s engineering degree was also unrecognized by Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC). Upon questioning by the PAC, the Chairman of HEC stated that the commission had no power to quit the institute from providing the program.

The PAC had summoned the rector as well as pro-rector to the meeting but they were absent.

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