How to get Learner Permit of Driving Licence

Written by Abdul Hadi
(Last Updated On: 17/12/2015)

Traffic Police Punjab is the only governing body in the Punjab province that issued the Learner Permit and all type of driving licence in the Punjab. Traffic Police in Punjab is divided into two components under the current command & control structure. Those that you see with grayish blue uniform while performing management system are called traffic wardens. These are in the five districts namely Lahore, Rawalpindi, Faisalabad, Multan & Gujranwala and have been said as Punjab Traffic Warden Service. The remaining Traffic Police Punjab with white shirt 7 blue trousers are performing duties within the remaining 31 districts.

The rules regarding issuing of every type of licence and permits are regulated by the Punjab Traffic Police in the Punjab province.

Those who want to get the Learner Permits are required to follow the below mentioned process. There are no specific days for issuance of Learner Permits, these are issued by the concerned authorities on daily basis (except public holidays) and are valid for 06 months from the date of issuance. Every person issued with Learner Permits are given a Highway Code Book of Traffic Rules & Regulations.

Ticket Price for Learner Permit

Ticket of Rs. 60 for each category issued by the General Post Office and Learners Permit Office

Documents Required to be Submitted for Learner Permit

Copy of CNIC

Medical certificate issued by the authorized medical practitioner

Ticket of Rs. 60

Application for Learner Permit that is available on the Learners Permit Office and can be download from here.

Age Criteria for Learner Permit

Motor Cycle/Motor Car – 18 years

LTV, Rickshaw, Tractor Commercial – 21 years

HTV – 22 years

Learner’s Driving Permit can be acquired for the following vehicle:

  • Motor Cycle
  • Motor Car
  • LTV
  • HTV
  • Motor Rickshaw
  • Tractor Cab
  • Tractor Commercial
  • Motor Cab
  • Road Roller
  • Invalid Carriage

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