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Humza Shahzad World’s Youngest MS PowerPoint Specialist

Six-year-old British Pakistani Humza Shahzad previously became youngest MS Office professional when he passed Microsoft certification in MS Office 2013. He has now become world’s youngest MS PowerPoint Specialist.

He is from London’s East Croydon and scored 850 points out of 1000 and it is mandatory to mention that passing score for Microsoft PowerPoint is only 700. The examination took place at Microsoft Institute in London.

The report card shows that this little guy managed to score 90% in creating and managing presentations; 50% in inserting and formatting shapes and slides while 67% was achieved in creating slide content. Humza Shahzad achieved an astonishing 100% score in managing multiple presentations.

Humza Shahzad said that MS PowerPoint is a complete presentation graphics package helping in production of professional presentations. Humza’s father Asim Shahzad is an IT professional himself and he explained that Microsoft Office specialist exams are taken in simulated environment where you are asked to exhibit your ability to carry out a series of tasks or you are asked to complete a project through a set of specific tasks. Old system of memorizing answers is no more applicable and he further told that Humza was not taught by him a single thing and he learned how to use MS PowerPoint all by himself. Now he can use this software efficiently.

Management of Best Training Institute situated in Streatham, London said that they were impressed with exceptional show of skills from Humza and Steve Herbert who runs this institute said that

It is normally something adults do if they want to progress their careers. It is very impressive

Humza Shahzad appeared in exam at this institute and expressed his feelings as well. He said that he likes to work in Microsoft products just like he loves to play video games and watching other things on computer. Parents of Humza are very happy on their son’s achievements especially at the latest one that has earned him a place in history.

Seemab Asim, mother of Humza Shahzad said that she was proud of her son and this record is not only for their family but for whole of Pakistan. She further said that

He is known as Pakistani heritage child and that’s a matter of pride and dignity for everyone. It is important we celebrate our high achievers and heroes who make distinctions. We have the example of Arfa Karim, the computer prodigy from Faisalabad, who at the age of 9 became the youngest Microsoft Certified Professional. Unfortunately, Arfa is no more with us, but there are more computer prodigies out there who are making their country proud. We should celebrate all of them

Humza Shahzad and his family moved to England back in 2011 when Asim Shahzad got job as Senior Development Manager at a multinational IT company in London and now their family is permanently residing in East Croydon, London.

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