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Indian Govt. Decide To Ban Internet in Kashmir

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi while on his on-going trip to the usa has exposed plans on linking 600,000 villages throughout India as part of his dream to increase the country’s economy to $20 trillion while focusing the importance of internet online connectivity for the people.

Even so, in terms of the occupied Jammu & Kashmir, there can be noticed a strategy move by the Indian Government.

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Specifically, Indian Occupied Kashmir is viewing a ban on internet services since 5 days on the event of Eidul Azha and the government bodies are providing reason that data services can be misused by anti-national factors and are likely to cause deteriorations in law and order situations.

So, the service providers in the valley have withdrawn from all types of internet services such as GPRS, 2G, and 3G and also based on some reports, the directives came amongst the controversy over beef ban.

Actually, this situation obviously contradicts the big ambitions of the Indian authorities for the provision of internet connectivity since Modi is actually boasting about connected digital India during his trip to the United States while Kashmir is completely disconnected.

The blackout of internet services in Kashmir has made countless people and also organizations suffered, yet even by now, the entire tech world and activists continue to be quiet on the matter.

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