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Latest News: Nadia Khan TV Show to make Comeback

Nadia Khan – the renowned Pakistani TV actress, presenter and anchor – is one her way back to TV industry again. Her fans best known her for her morning show on Geo aired as Nadia Khan Show. Recently she spotted in Karachi having complete changed look that first made the fans hard to recognize her. Her new haircut was surely was adding more glamorous and charm on her face.11987155_988053774550666_48429686357377046_n

In her 19 years of professional acting career, Nadia worked in dozens of dramas and TV shows. Pal Do Pal was the debut drama of her acting career that was aired on PTV. It was proved as good luck for Nadia Khan that she acted on the script of most popular writer of Pakistan art history Haseena Moin. Bhandhan was the drama that introduced the Nadia Khan better with the Pakistani audience. For that she got the PTV Best Actress Award.11150485_944340405588670_732526335620359380_n

Nadia Khan is also regarded as the pioneer of morning show. However, she was successfully entered in presenter field in 1993 before entering for morning show in 2003. In 1993, he debuted for the TV presenter from the most popular TV show “Daak Time with Uncle Sargam” that was then aired on PTV. Breakfast with Nadia was her first morning show broadcasted on ARY Digital in 2003. This morning show promoted the culture of morning shows in Pakistan and now every TV channel in Pakistan is daily airing more than two morning shows daily.1017749_823383771017668_4105913669447152388_n

Up to now, Nadia Khan has hosted five TV shows that are Daak Time with Uncle Sargam (1993-1995), Breakfast with Nadia (2003-2006), Nadia Khan Show – Geo Mazay Say (2006-2010), Eid with Nadia Khan (2011 Eid Special Transmission), The Nadia Khan Show – Geo Phir Mazay Say (2012-2013).

Awards by Nadia Khan:

PTV Best Actress Award for Bhandan (1997)

Masala Lifestyle Awards For Best TV Presenter 2008 for Nadia Khan

Masala Lifestyle Awards For Best TV Presenter 2009 for Nadia Khan

So, now after two to three years of gap, Nadia Khan is expecting to make a comeback and the expectations are that she will be on TV screens in upcoming days with her unique style.

Past Nadia Khan TV Show Video:

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