Meera Said Urdu is Our National Language and I am proud of it

(Last Updated On: 02/08/2015)

If there is single person in Pakistan who is being focused the most for his/her English, its Meera also known as Miss Meera Jee. Right now, she’s facing a case filed by her ‘self proclaimed’ husband Attiqur Rehman, who claimed that Meera has married Naved before legally getting a divorce him first. The court ordered Police to arrest and produce Meera before court on the up coming hearing in November.

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Speaking to the press conference here in Lahore today, the Lollywood actress while refused charges labeled on her, she included that she disliked English language. “Urdu is our national language and I am proud of it,’ stated Meera. ‘

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I really hate English and don’t want to learn it,’ stated Meera. The actress was applauded media reporters.

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