Meera’s Off the Record Clip Released by Geo

Meera is heard abusing herself and asking the host to put him under the train. Probably talking about her scandalous husband but who knows which one? When asked how many scandals do you have related to marriage, she counts them as 4 to 5 but the fact is that it might even be more because every year comes with a scandal for Meera where a new person claims to be her husband.

Off the Record Part of Meera’s Interview Leaked… by zemtv

Meera claimed in the clip that she is still unmarried and further tells that she has more than 3000 proposals in her email asking her to marry. She used famous names like Angelina Jolie, Michael Jackson and Madonna and was of the view that all these artists are involved in scandals and the reason is that people like to put their name with a famous artist in a bid to get name and fame for themselves.

When asked about the current scandal in question, Meera said that for her this scandal is non-existent and she does not care if this one-sided scandal runs for a century or till the doomsday. On the question from the host that are you frightened from the scandal, she asks the cameraman to turn the camera off and tells the host that you are going against me.

In the next scene, she is asking the host not to target her and the host seems frustrated that she is not talking on the real issue at hand. Now towards the end, she is begging the host not to target her and talking some other things as well.

This whole clip seems a little doubtful and it seems that it is recorded and leaked on purpose. Meera has no shame as everyone knows and to keep herself in the News she would do anything. The channel on the other hand seems to have taken advantage of this quality of Meera and might have leaked this clip for ratings with consent of Meera. It is a win-win situation for both Geo and Meera.


Umar Farooq
Umar Farooq

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