Model Arrested in Peshawar for Committing Cyber-Crime

Written by Umar Farooq
(Last Updated On: 21/04/2015)

Neelam Ismail is a model as well as a host for the local television channel in Peshawar. She was arrested today for posting the objectionable pictures of a lady constable on social media website. Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) arrested Neelam Ismail on Electronic Transaction Ordinance 2002.

Brother of this lady constable Imran Khan in his FIR put allegations on Neelam and her husband that both of them got hold on to the pictures of his sister and then shared these pictures on social media.

Additional District and Session Judge Nusrat Yasmeen has already denied the bail of Neelam and her husband Mohsin Ali Shah.

The couple has been charged with Electron Transaction Ordinance 2002, section 36 and section 37. Section 36 belongs to the violation of privacy of personal information while section 37 belongs to unauthorized modification, altering or damaging the information.

With the introduction of cyber-crime bill in the parliament, the laws regarding cyber-crimes in Pakistan are getting strict and this is just the beginning. It seems that in future, internet might be a dangerous place for the nation as at present unauthorized altering and modification of images is quite common all over the internet and Pakistanis are no less than other people throughout the world.

In future great care must be taken before anyone could do such things and make sure that this is not a crime, if the cyber-crime bill in the parliament is passed.

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