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Punjab Government to Establish Digital Libraries in Schools, Colleges

Written by Abdul Hadi
(Last Updated On: 12/11/2015)

With the aim of digitalizing the education system, Punjab Government is planning to take another step in shape of establishing digital libraries in the educational institutions across the province. Speaking at the International Conference on Information Management and Libraries held at Punjab University, Lahore, the Provincial Education Minister, Rana Mashood Ahmed stated that the Punjab Government will establish the digital libraries in the educational institutes across the province.

Addressing at the seminar, Provincial Education Minister has said that around 6,000 computer labs have been already established in the school, colleges and universities and now the plan is to launch digital library system across the province to make the study system easier and convenient. Rana Mashood said, launching of E-Learning program was the plan of the provincial government. “Unfortunately, as a nation we have neglected libraries. The government is planning to establish a vast network of libraries. Soon, there will be no area in the province without a library. The government is trying to improve primary and higher education as well as technical and vocational education”, he added.

The Education Minister has appreciated the role of Punjab University for promoting the reading culture among the youth. Addressing at the event, Professor Sanda Elederz highlighted the need of acquiring such tools as the way of learning changes with the passage of time. “This has brought about new challenges. Development in the information and communication technology and storage and applications have achieved new levels of sophistication. It is a challenge for professionals in the information management field”, she added.

Four day International Conference on Information Management and Libraries is in process in the Punjab University. The event started at November 10 and will continue till November 13, 2015. The event is organised for celebrating the 100 years of library and information management education in Asia.

The general theme of the conference is “Looking back, Moving Forward.” About 500 participants from Asia, Middle East, Europe and USA are attending this event. The participants will also present their research papers and learn through pre-conference workshops.

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