Punjab University Students Found 1.1m Old Elephant Skull Near Gujrat, Pakistan

Research workers of Punjab University has claimed to have found 1.1m old Pre-Historic Skull of a female elephant close to Panjan Sher Shahana in Gujrat on Thursday.

Researchers got almost 2 days to uneath Fossils with out damaging the fossil.

Syed Ghayoor Abbas, The key person behind this research informed newspersons on Saturday: “20,000 to 1.1 million-year old animal bones had been discovered in the place. Even so, it was the 1st time a pre-historic elephant skull was found there and This discovery will assist researchers understand the genetic, hereditary and also evolutionary features of the types.”1-1m-old-pre-historic-elephent-skull-found-near-gujrat-1

The Research name of the elephant is “Stegodon” and the skull weighs 120 kilograms and It is 38-centimetres-long as well as 28-centimetres-wide

The Fossil will be sent to a hydrocarbon research laboratory for tests to find out age and also family of the mammal

The Punjab University’s spokesperson stated that the skull would be put on exhibit at the PU’s Jhelum campus. “Later it’ll be carefully placed at a museum”

Alison Johnson
Alison Johnson

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