Shahid Afridi Talked to His Fans on Facebook

Hard-hitting all-rounder and Pakistan T20 International team Captain Shahid Afridi talked to his fans for 30 minutes during which his fans asked him many questions and Afridi replied to them in a good way. The post on his official Fan page on Facebook had a status update.

Salaam everyone. I am available for live chat for 30 minutes in this post. Please ask your questions and I will try to answer. SAfridi

Fans asked interesting questions showing love, respect and support for Shahid Afridi. Some of the notable questions and answers are given below.

Shahid Afridi 1 Shahid Afridi 2 Shahid Afridi 3 Shahid Afridi 4 Shahid Afridi 5 Shahid Afridi 6 Shahid Afridi 7 Shahid Afridi 8

Summary of the comments could be that not only Pakistanis love Afridi but there are fans in India and all over the world. Shahid Afridi supports Pak-India cricket series as it is good for both the teams and their nations. In addition he has no plans of yet to join politics after cricket but in my opinion, the plans can change anytime. Towards the end, Shahid Afridi also thanked his fans and appealed to support the people in need through Shahid Afridi Foundation.

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