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Sialkot Incident Revelation Showing Low Point of Our Society

Dr. Shahid Masood while commenting on the Lahore incident during which 2 different churches were attacked by suicide attackers, told an incident related to the Sialkot brothers killing by a mob.

He told that when he went to meet the family of the Sialkot brothers killed by mob brutally, when he was coming out, he found a young boy on the door. He introduced himself as a fan of Dr. Shahid Masood and further told him that he was a friend of one of the guys killed by the mob.

Dr. Shahid Masood expressed his grief over the incidence. The boy said that he was a fan of Dr. Shahid Masood and that he captured a clip of his friend being beaten to death. He recorded it in his mobile and now he was willing to sell it.

He further told Dr. Shahid Masood that another channel offered him 15,000 rupees for the clip but since he was a fan of Dr. Shahid Masood, he was willing to sell it to him only in 10,000 rupees.

Dr. Shahid Masood said that he was shocked to hear this from the young boy and it was really shocking to find out that he was there and he did nothing to save his friend but he captured it in his mobile to sell it to the news channels.

This shows that our Pakistani society at the moment is touching the lowest point and Lahore incidence was another example of it. People got their hands on an innocent man and they beat him to death. Furthermore his dead body was burnt alive. News channels, people and police were mere spectators.

Extremism in the society of Pakistan is getting the best out of them and government cannot do anything regarding this issue.

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