Siasat.pk Closed By Government Authorities

Update: www.Siasat.pk is back live now and is unblocked in Pakistan

Siasat.pk is one of the top political forums in Pakistan where people from all political parties discuss issues on daily basis. It now has been closed allegedly by government authorities. As claimed on their Facebook page, the admins of the forum have taken stance that they were not warned before taking down the website. The hosting company however communicated through email that they are asked to take down the website immediately.

Nexus is an Islamabad based hosting company and it is registrar for siasat.pk claimed that they have been asked to shut the website down and DNS records are removed due to which website is not accessible anymore. A screenshot of the email received by siasat.pk is given below.

Email by Nexus

Previously, the method was different as only the IP address through ISP was blocked but since the case is different here and the hosting company is present in Pakistan, the authorities have taken it down completely. Adeel, who is in charge of managing the website has tweeted

Adeel also posted on forum in April 2015 that he has been receiving threats from authorities that they will shut the website down in five-minutes.

Threat to siasat.pk

According to internet sources, FIA and PTA were both contacted and both authorities are denying that any such action is taken by them. Adeel on the other hand is clueless as well about what is happening and who actually is behind this action. He said that he has web-server hosted somewhere else and is trying to get the website online with siasat.net as a temporary solution.



Umar Farooq
Umar Farooq

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  • Siyasat on 12/09/2015

    It is not good decision of govt and should be unblock.

  • sarah on 12/09/2015

    Seriously its a shameful act by shameful govt, they dont bear freedom of speech , i think people need to take action against it.


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