On 17th January, Imran Khan Chairman PTI came up with a Telethon for collecting 1 Billion Rupees for starting Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital Peshwar. Indeed a very noble cause for everyone to contribute. The telethon was aired from ARY News and very popular personalities became part of this noble telethon.

The Telethon was lead by Imran Khan himself. No doubt collecting 1 Billion rupees in few hours was a very difficult job but we know our nation, We have big hearts we come up with everything whenever we know that this is going to help our brothers and sisters. It was amazing to see contribution of people towards this noble cause. We know Imran Khan has led the first edition of this project very well and many people got cured through that.

So people trust Imran Khan a.k.a I.K and they know that their money is not going to be misused but will be utilized in best possible way by serving the humanity. It was pleasing to see that the telethon ended by collecting 65 core rupees and that is 65% of the target and that was a brilliant response by the nation to their captain but still I.K needs 35 crore rupees to start this project by December 2015. So do donate for this wonderful project and take part in completing this

1 Billion Telethon For Shaukat Khanum Memorial Hospital Peshawar:

Full Show (Dailymotion)


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