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State Bank of Pakistan to Issue New Rs. 5 Coin from October 15, 2015

The State Bank of Pakistan is going to launch the new Rs. 5 coin that will be different from the old one in size and metal composition, stated by the External Relations Department of SBP. The new coin of Rs. 5 will be available from October 15, 2015 at all the field offices of SBP Banking Services Corporation.

It is important to note here that Rs. 5 coin was the only denomination that remain unchanged in last 15 years. Old Rs. 5 coin was launched in December 26, 2002 and now after almost thirteen years it is going to be changed and will be available in the market from tomorrow. If talk about design and shape of new coin as compare to old one then there is not so much difference. Just like old Rs. 5 coin, Islami Jamhoria Pakistan (اسلامی جمہوریہ پاکستان in Urdu) is written on the obverse side. Crescent moon and five pointed star facing north west rising position in the same center position as are in the old Rs. 5 coin. Same circle of small beads all align the edge of coin are also common.

The reverse side is also the same as the old one is. The reverse side consists, a floral wreath all along the periphery of the coin, world five in the mid-point along with Rupee (روپیہ) in bottom written in Urdu.

The prominent differences are in size, weight, and colour. The colour of old Rs. 5 is white and of new it is yellowish. The weight of the new one is 3 grams while the weight of old coin is 6.5 grams. The dimension of new coin is 18.5 mm and it is 24 mm in the old. The composition of the old Rs. 5 coin is cupro-nickel and the composition of the new Rs. 5 coin is copper (79%), zinc (20%), and nickel (1%).

Here is the comparison table of both coins.Web.pk

Note: For the information of readers it is important to note that the old Rs. 5 coin will be remain in circulation along with old one. There is no scene of coin replacement.

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