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Talent Secured For Nescafé Basement Fourth Season

Three years back, Nescafé started on a journey to discover new possibilities for the best underground talent in Pakistan. For this reason, the initiative Nescafé Basement was began and so far it has found Forty five artists for the music industry. Nescafé Basement, which has created a sector for itself as one of the biggest and most excellent singing talent shows in Pakistan, has yet again opened its doors to wanting singers as the organization prepares for Season 4. The show that has seized the hearts of music lovers nationwide, recently embarked on a search for fresh talent which offers to enthrall millions of Pakistani viewers spread everywhere once Nescafé Basement Season 4 hits TV screens.

Xulfi, who’s been a advisor to the talent since the 1st season, recently visited many campuses across Pakistan to get artists for Season 4. He and his organization visited SZABIST, LUMS, IBA,NUST, GIKI, BNU and also FC College while many entries have also been submitted online.

Nescafé Basement was introduced with the idea of introducing new, young artists and providing them a platform to exhibit their talent. Throughout the 3 seasons of the show that have been broadcast so far, the viewers has seen the coming together of numerous musicians and their covering famous local and also international songs. The talent has experimented with various musical genres and sounds, and provided each song their own different and original touch.

Discussing what the viewers should expect from Nescafé Basement Season 4, advisor Xulfi states, “It’s always motivating to go out and look for the new talent of Pakistan. And this yr has seen the widest audition drive compared to the prior 3 seasons. It wouldn’t be an understatement to state that the talent that I’ve found for this season has already thrilled me for the music-making procedure that’s about to start in a few days. I’d encourage the artists and their talent be a amaze for the viewers. Be confident, it’s going to absolutely amaze you, yet again.”
The auditions phase has now been finished and Xulfi is actually busy reviewing them all. The artists will be selected by 10th October, 2015.

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