Top 15 Start-up Accelerators and Incubators in Pakistan

Written by Abdul Hadi
(Last Updated On: 03/12/2015)

Science and Technology are among the growing and flourishing industries in Pakistan. With the passage of time, it is making progress. The information technology sector in Pakistan is regulated by the Ministry of Information Technology. At present, many incubators and accelerators and startups working in Pakistan that are providing a professional environment to the startup and professionals. Here is the list of some popular startups accelerator and incubator in Pakistan.

1. Plan9

Plan9 is the platform that provides a professional environment to those who are looking for a platform to transform their raw material into a developed product. Up to now, Plan9 has incubated over 80 startups. Plan9 is the project of the Punjab Information Technology Board.


The INCUBATOR is the platform by Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute (GIKI) of Engineering Science & Technology. The INCUBATOR of GIKI is a platform for GIKI student, graduates as well as for final year students and fresh graduates of other universities of Pakistan.

3. Cubator 1ne

Cubator 1ne is the incubator and accelerator by the COMSATS. Cubator 1ne of COMSATS is an ideal environment for developing business ideas and innovations. Cubator 1ne provides impetus to business and innovation ideas by providing a professional environment, professional pieces of advice, resources, etc.

4. i2i

Stands for Invest to Innovate, i2i is the other incubator in the capital of Pakistan that connects the young and startups to the resources that are required to convert the raw ideas into an innovation. i2i provides an opportunity to startup for impact-focused startups to go global.

5. The Nest i/o

The Nest i/o is the incubator of [email protected] The Nest i/o is a community platform for tech startups. The Nest i/o provides all those resources and guidance to the startups that are important for transforming their rough ideas into a marvelous innovation.

6. PlanX

PlanX is also backed by the Punjab Information Technology Board. It is the second largest incubator of PITB after Plan9. PlanX is for providing assistance to the mid-stage startups in getting more and more by fulfilling their dreams. PlanX is for everyone.

7. TIC

TIC stands for Technology Incubation Center. It is the incubator of NUST. The aim of TIC is to provide a nurturing environment to technology-based business ideas to prosper and become a viable contributor to the community and economy as a whole.

8. DotZero

DotZero is a Karachi based incubator that provides a space and professional environment with a vibrant environment that encourage and promotes entrepreneurship, innovation and growth through great ideas. DotZero is a space made for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs.


TICK UET, Technology Incubation Center Al-Khwarizmi, is the incubator of the UET, Lahore. TICK UET was established with the aim of creating startups, foster innovation, and entrepreneurship among student to channelize their creativity and skills.

10. Microsoft Innovation Centre

Microsoft Innovation Centre is working under the Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB). It is another advance incubator of PITB after Plan9 and PlanX. The objective of Microsoft Innovation Centre is to give access to the startups to resources, experts, and facilities for collaboration and skills development.

11. LUMS Centre for Entrepreneurship

LUMS Centre for Entrepreneurship is a business accelerator and incubator by the LUMS. Every year it hosts the three batches of the startups and provide them resources, materials, professional and experts to reshape their raw ideas.

12. Basecamp

Basecamp is located in Peshawar. It is actually a co-working space for startups in Pakistan. Basecamp provides a vibrant and collaborative workspace to the startups in Pakistan. Startups of every field are welcomed at Basecamp.

13. Nspire

Nspire is the incubator of NetSol. If you have any business idea then you are always welcomed at Nspire. Nspire is the new business incubator in Pakistan. Nspire is a great platform that assist the talented and creative entrepreneurs in launching their startups under mentorship of industry leaders.

14. WeCreate Pakistan

WeCreate Pakistan is an incubator center, especially for startups women. WeCreate Pakistan is an entrepreneurial community center for women interested in starting or expanding an existing business. WeCreate Pakistan provides the training, resources, and training to the willing startups women.

15. Founder Institute

Founder Institute is an international incubator for talented entrepreneurs. Founder Institute is now working in Pakistan as well. Founder Institute is in Karachi and Islamabad. Founder Institute is a Silicon Valley-based entrepreneur training and startup launch program.

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