Top 6 Best Gyms in Karachi


People have started to understand the value of maintaining the right physical fitness plan. This is where fitness gyms, fitness clubs, yoga centres and the likes jump in.


Let’s check out a few of the well known gyms of Karachi in terms of not how fantastic they look but in terms of performance, coaches, gear as well as client comments.

Very best Gyms in Defence/Clifton

Amazingly, the Clifton/defence citizens are to be given the money for starting this unsung campaign towards weight problems and also extra weight. All good things that come to the sea coastline meet the Clifton/defence walas before these people hit the rest of the city.

1. SHAPES Karachi

Shapes-GymShapes was in fact and still remains the very first selection for plenty of karachites for their search towards physical fitness along with a healthy lifestyle. Found in the not-so-friendly neighbourhood of Cantt station but spread over a large area surrounded by greenery, Shapes rightly provides a huge area for exercise equipment and a well-trained employees at the disposal of its clients. The spot provides you with a swimming pool facility, squash courts, steam, sauna & Jacuzzi baths. Along with all that, the place welcomes customers from as early as 06:00 hrs in the morning till 22:00 hrs in the evening.


2. STUDIO-X Karachi

2. STUDIO-XOne more place topper from Defence is Studio X giving competition to the continuously growing fitness center industry in the Clifton/Defence areas. The place has a huge area reserved for kick boxing, pilates workouts, aerobic exercise etc. Located in Phase 5 on Saba avenue, the gym is an ideal choice to unwind after a long day at work or school. Depending on comments, the studio is one place that concentrates not just on healthy weight reduction and also on learning to love yourself and your physique to achieve maximum advantages out of the programs provided.



you’re in for a healthy surprise! An incredible chain of fitness gyms known as GET SMART GYMS have branches all over Karachi, one of which is easily situated in the centre of Tariq road. The gym supplies separate spots for men and women and is totally equipped with present day physical fitness choices.

Affordability, skilled gear and a well-trained workers are all basics to our usual fitness center needs and also that’s exactly what you get here.

4. Club M Karachi

Club MA high-end service along with latest gym equipment & certified on-floor trainers, Club M has become the most recent go-to place for plenty of Pakistani celebs such as, Fahad Mustafa, Soniya Hussain, Osman Khalid Butt and much more. Established on a massive 3 floor building, the physical fitness centre has devoted complete floors to workout regimes with Second floor special for cardio, Third floor for weight lifting and also Fourth for rejuvenation. Club M is open from 08:00 hrs in the morning to 22:00 hrs at nighttime.
Very best Fitness gyms at Tipu Sultan Road/Shahra-e-Faisal

5. CORE Karachi

COREOne more advanced and a well-equipped fitness center, CORE is easily located in 2 very main areas of Karachi – Tipu sultan road and Ocean Mall Clifton. CORE at Tipu sultan provides its clients with top-notch gear and workout facilities that are very easily comparable to those provided – well across the bridge and even beyond the sea. WINK!

CORE operates from 07:30 hrs to 22:00 hrs roughly through the week.


POWERHOUSE GYM - ARENANot just CORE, one more excelllent selection at a neighborhood area is the Powerhouse Gym at THE ARENA. Located in the serene neighborhood of Karsaz road and KDA Scheme 1, POWERHOUSE gym is one great choice to calm down and lose those stubborn pounds – the best of this is you get to do all of that without having to cross high traffic zones and also underpasses.
Best Gyms in Bahadurabad/Tariq Road


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  • Asma younus on 16/07/2016

    I wants to lose my weight

    • Akhtar Saleem on 03/10/2016

      So you should have to join club or regular exercise at home…lol

  • FatirSid on 17/12/2015

    Karachiites are becoming more and more conscious about their health and fitness which is great. There should be more such clubs and centers in the city with “flexible timings” of course (my favorite excuse for not joining a gym), so that everyone can have an easy access.


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