Waqar Zaka in Burma to Getting Videos and Help Burma Muslims

(Last Updated On: 17/06/2015)

waqar zaka in burmaPakistani TV Anchor Waqar Zaka is well-known for his hype stunts however this moment he gained huge regard from Pakistani  Nation by professionally visiting Burma exactly where Muslims are treated inhumanely by the non-muslims. Watch the entire video of Waqar Zaka in Burma where he’s requesting Zakat and Charities from all of Pakistani’s for Muslims of Burma.

In accordance with Waqar Zaka, he invested a lot more than 4 lac Pakistani rupees to arrive at Burma and he has documented some shocking video clips there which is to be uploaded afterwards. At the same time he questioned to all Pakistani’s to donate cash through Western Union which is to be directed at people of Burma. Waqar declared he’ll almost certainly privately donate the money to worthy Muslims of Burma and report & publish the videos on social media as a evidence.

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