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”Welcome To Karachi” Got A Battle On Hands

The new trend in Bollywood industry is to fight legal battles long before the film releases. Besides taking Okay certificate from censor board now film makers have to be careful about the social workers and NGO’s. Any dialogue or any scene can offend them and then the film makers have to fight the case in court and win it before they can release their film. Same is the debacle with Welcome to Karachi. The film stars Arshad Warsi in pivotal role. Though the tag line states that “To survive they must stay foolish” but it is not enough for NGO citizens for better India. Who are claiming that a particular song from the film hurts the Better India vision. The lyrics and the song are

“LallaLalla Lori, Daaru Ki Katori” and they find these highly objectionable.

Commenting on the matter the PIL said:

“The petitioner impugns one specific song from the film being propagated as Lallalalla Lori, Daaru Ki Katori, as highly objectionable as it will have extremely negative effect on the society, especially on children and which promotes consumption of intoxicating drinks which are injurious to health and against the scheme of the constitution and specifically against the article 47 of the constitution of India amongst others,”


The interesting fact is that the plea has been filed not only against the film makers but the central government itself, the Indian Censor Board, the Delhi government and producers of the film Pooja Entertainment and Films Ltd as well. They not only want the immediate removal of the song from the film but A.


“Policy regarding the film certification keeping special consideration to its effect on the children and especially when it pertains to maligning nursery rhymes like in the present case. That these kinds of surrogate songs are also liable to banned as the same works as surrogate advertisement for liquor in general which is completely banned as per the Cable Television Network (Regulation) Amendment Act”.


The film has been now moved forward from its original date and now it will be released on 28thof May. It stars Jacky Bhagnani and Arshad Warsi in lead roles. It also stars two Pakistani Actors Ayub Khosa and Adnan Shah.

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