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Arshi Khan wishes birthday to Shahid Afridi (Video)

(Last Updated On: 01/03/2016)

Pakistan’s biggest superstar Shahid Khan Afridi needs no introduction as he has reached heights which none others star hailing from Pakistan have achieved.

In around 18 years of his cricketing career apart from entertaining cricket fans he have been quite handy numerous time for Pakistan as he is acknowledged as one who can change the whole scenario of the game in just several overs.

He can also be better described as a Sixer Machine or Boom Boom and those who find difficult to judge his personality from these words can know about Afridi from the situation as he arrives in the field every of the captain wants to have all the fielders to be placed on the boundaries.

As mentioned above, he is a real time game changer, although at some time the person opposite him lands in trouble as he is best known for aggression and his outspoken behavior.

But he has always stayed away from the female related controversies, as he is the one hailing from Pathan fraternity and he have always been quite restricted against the females even with her fans and her female interviewers.

But in recent times he got into a female related controversy when a merely known Indian model claimed that she holds relation with Pakistani star cricketers and they have also stayed in a sexual relationship.

All of the efforts of Arshi Khan went in vain as Pakistani media called it as just a cheap publicity stunt. And later Afridi himself refuted such rumors.

Now on his birthday, once again Arshi Khan actively wished him a very happy birthday.

Here is the video of Arshi Khan wishing birthday to Shahid Afridi:

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