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‘Billo Returns’: Listen songs of Abrar-ul-Haq latest released album ‘Aithay Rakh’

(Last Updated On: 01/05/2016)

Abrar-ul-Haq is back with a bang, coming with a tag line ‘Billo Reurns’ album ‘Aithay Rakh’ has just got released yesterday and have managed to raise several eyeballs.

Abrar marking his comeback after around 10 years, have came up with a 10-song album, which features Bhangra rocks, some dedications, and soulful tracks. Collectively, it seems that the singer cum politician has rocked it once again.

Abrar-ul-haq was quite concentrated about his political career in last several years, although he never said that he have parted ways from his musical career, even he sung some superb anthems for his political party within that time.


The album was released at a concert held at Bahroa Town Lahore, several known celebrities namely Umar Akmal, Bilal Saeed, Juggum Kazim and Neelum Munir also company the proficient singer.

The album was released on Taazi.com, which is Pakistan’s first legal music app, all this was done to support the legal content in the country. Songs can also be downloaded from the above mentioned site.


Abrar-ul-Haq’s ‘Aithay Rakh’ Album song

  • Aithay Rakh
  • Billo 2
  • Ferrari
  • Pani Da Bulbula
  • Tere Bin
  • Ishq Di Boti
  • Sar Jalaingay
  • Maa
  • Ladli
  • Oo Sanam


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