How to remove DNS Unlocker ads from Android Phone and Chrome?

Written by Abdul Hadi
(Last Updated On: 19/02/2016)

DNS Unlocker is basically a type of virus in shape of adware that automatically display the advertisements and pop-ups whenever the users try to access any website or webpage. The whole website automatically tart to full with nasty advertisements and pop-ups and the users left behind with a few portion of website containing few part of the content for which the users was actually looking for. The first disadvantage that can be seen from the naked eyes is that you don’t get for what you are looking for and the other disadvantage is that it sucks an immense part of the data packet.

The main symptoms of adware are followings

  • Advertising banner will start to appear in bulk
  • Text will start to turned into hyperlinks or text based ads
  • Browser pop-ups will start to appear in abundance and will give the fake alert in shape Your PC is in Danger or on the name of updates

It is very easy to remove the adware from desktop Chrome and you can simply do this by using Adware Cleaner. This utility will assist you in detecting and automatically removing all type of adware.

However, this may not work for that Chrome installed in your Android device. But don’t worry; there is also a possible solution for that. All you need is to either reset or clear the data of Chrome.

For Chrome in Android

In order to reset or clear data in Chrome installed in Android, follow this path: Settings > Apps > Chrome > Storage > Clear Data

For Chrome in Windows

If Adware Cleaner or any other adware remover is not working with Chrome on desktop then this process can also be used for desktop as well. For this, follow the path: Open Chrome and type chrome://settings/ and press enter. Now in Advanced Settings click on Reset Settings.

Now you can search ad-free webpages.

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