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Meera Alleges Mahira Khan of Lobbying Against Her in India

Meera Ji that was once a name of a most popular actress of Pakistani film industry is now a day a name who is only known for making the place in media all the time without any reason and justification. The actress is known for heaving bad relations with almost all of her industry fellows, especially the newcomers. Meera never hesitates to pass comment on anyone without considering other facts.

The queen of controversy has alleged the Mahira Khan for lobbying against her India. “Mahira along with other actors are responsible for my career downfall”, says Meera. The upcoming movie of her, Hotal, is scheduled to be released on April 08 across the country. Meera is also going to be the director as well from a new movie Oscar that will hit the cinema screens by the mid of 2016.

According to Meera, Mahira Khan goes for all those tactics to sign those projects that were initially made for her. “I was the first Pakistani female actor to make waves in Bollywood. I even earned many awards there and proved my talent. I always preferred good quality work and my entire career is proof of this but I do blame some elements for instigating ‘dirty politics’ in the film industry”, she added.

She also alleged the some other actors as well who have framed the lobby against her in India. “This is a good time for the film industry and we should be united and work as a team. I think it’s time to put all other problems aside”, she said.

While no official response came from Mahira’s side as she is busy in the promotion of her upcoming Bollywood movie Raees with Shahrukh Khan. It is not the first time, Meera alleged at the Mahira Khan. In past, she has pointed the finger towards Mahira along with various other actors.

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