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Mumtaz Qadri’s Execution: Crowd Tried to Throw Shoe at Minister

Violence and strikes are at peak point after the execution of the Mumtaz Qadri due the murder of seating Governor Punjab Salman Taseer. The government is trying to mitigate the reaction by revoking the media to highlight anything about the Qadri or ongoing protests in his favour. You can say it that the authorities have already braced themselves for the possible violence and protests that are going on countrywide.

They are chanting the Go Nawaz Go again for not revoking the execution of Mumtaz Qadri and even the legal panels in Islamabad has declared it the Judicial Murder of the Mumtaz Qadri. Viewing the reaction of the execution, the Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz’s MPAs and MNAs are out of the screen. Unfortunately, Pervez Rashid, the Federal Minister for Broadcasting, traced by the mob in the Karachi International Airport. But it was his luck that he escaped from being the part of Shoe Club because some wise man in the mob has said they will never throw the shoe over him but will show shoe to him and that is enough for the minister.

Go Nawaz Go was everywhere in the Karachi International Airport. However, Minister successfully manage to go outside of the airport.

Shoes Thrown on Fedreal Minister at Karachi Airport Exclusive Video

YouTube video
YouTube video


In October 2015, the death sentence of the Mumtaz Qadri was upheld by the Supreme Court of Pakistan. Last week, an appeal for mercy was also made to the President of Pakistan Mamnoon Hussain and the same was rejected by the President. It was a sudden execution and most of the people were unaware of the news of the Qadri’s execution till the mid of the day. When the news viral, the supporters of the Qadri started gathering to view his body in Rawalpindi. The main roads in Rawalpindi including the Islamabad-Rawalpindi Expressway has been blocked by the protestors.

All kind of demonstrations and media coverage has been muted on the orders of the government and PEMRA. All channels are strictly ordered not to air the footage of the protests and strikes. Meanwhile, there is no discussion over the Qadri’s execution on the late night talk shows that are popular for political incidents. The government has braced itself to deal with each and every type of reactions.

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