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At present, every electric company operating in Pakistan has an on line billing system that enables the users to know about their recent bill. This web billing service can be used in case if the consumer has not received the bill or if the bill received has been lost or deteriorated. Here is the procedure for getting the copy of MEPCO bill online and then printing it for submission.


View MEPCO Bill Online Guide:

Step 1: Navigate to the official website of MEPCO from here: MEPCO Web Billing

Step 2: Enter your 14 digit numeric reference number without spaces

Step 3: Press enter and the copy of recent bill will be displayed

Note: This online system is for electricity bill of general and industrial consumers

Download and Print MEPCO Bill Duplicate Copy

Now here is the process for downloading and printing the duplicate copy of your bill.

Step 1: In the browser (suppose you are using Internet Explorer) go to File menu and click on Page Setup

Step 2: Select Paper Size as A4

Step 3: Now delete the values under Header and Footer

Step 4: Select Orientation as Portrait

Step 5: Insert 0.25 in all four Margins

Step 6: Click OK button


Step 7: Now again from the File menu, click on Print

Step 8: Choose the Printer you have and click the Print Button.

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