What is PTCL Speed Test, How to Use it?


Pakistan Telecommunication Limited (PTCL) in collaboration with Okala Speedtest has launched a system for PTCL internet users to check the speed of their internet. The service named “PTCL Speed Test” is a highly customizable system that provides the users those tools that let them to measures network throughput, latency, downloading speed, uploading speed, packet loss and scan for firewalls ports as well.


Here is the procedure for checking how fast your broadband connection is. Easily test and then compare it to other internet connections.

Move to the official website of PTCL Speed Test from here. Click on Begin Test and it will start evaluating you internet performance. It will test the latency, download speed and upload speed step by step. That you can see below in the following images.


Testing Latency


Testing Download Speed


Testing Upload Speed


After testing all, a comprehensive report about latency, jitter, download and upload speed will be displayed by the PTCL Speed Test. All will be in the form of both graphical views and in a text report view.

Graphical Result


Last Result:
Download Speed: 423 kbps (52.9 KB/sec transfer rate)
Upload Speed: 390 kbps (48.8 KB/sec transfer rate)
Latency: 104 ms
Jitter: 9 ms
3/16/2016, 10:57:08 PM


Noor Mani is senior tech correspondent and renowned professional writer from Pakistani local Newspaper Weekly Multan. She is a P.E.C accredited Electronics Engineer and has wide vision over technology and local media industry scope. She is now a Managing Editor at Web.PK. You can email her at noor @


  • mansoor on 17/12/2016

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  • Zaintech Techn on 30/05/2016

    Speed test is a good way to test your speed but still there are certain issues where you get good results in speed test. As I faced last month. My speed test was excellent but still I cant browse websites properly. I have to refresh webpages time to time. But Allah ka shukar now issue is resolved.


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