ZaidAliT is Not Married

Rumors are over the social media platforms regarding the marriage of Pakistani-Canadian social media star. The fact is that Zaid Ali was behind all these rumors. As usual, he started to post about this in dual meaning and a lot of people concluded this as his marriage. However, the social media celebrity, later on, makes it clear that he is not getting married and still bachelors.

Recently from his twitter account he clear that all those images viral over the social media platform are from a video for which he was shooting with his team. The social media star has tweeted, “”No, I am not married. Those pictures were just from a video that I was shooting today.”


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Zaid Ali has been uploading and sharing videos on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter for past many years. At present, he has almost 4 million fans on Facebook, 2 million followers on Twitter and 400,000 subscribers on YouTube. He was offered a role in Hollywood for a kissing scene but he neglected for it saying he will never do that kind of scene. His dialogue of the Sonakshi Sinha movie Dabangg ‘Thapar Say Dar Nhi Lagta Sahb, Piyar Say Lagta Hay’ gone viral after Sonakshi Sinha tweeted about it.

Abdul Hadi
Abdul Hadi

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